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Welcome to Ryann's Corner of the Internet!

Ryann Darling is a singer-songwriter who's powerful lyrics, melodies, and vocals will add to a new sound to the soundtrack of your life. She is most well known for her wedding song, "I Choose You, which boasts over 25 Million Streams and counting and has been played in tens of thousands of weddings around the world.  Ryann is passionate about writing music that is meaningful in the different seasons life brings us through.  Stay a while and explore the beautiful world of Ryann Darling!

"It was just two hours ago that I listened to your song "I choose you" the first time - and I can't stop clicking the play-it-again-button again and again and again... Thank you, dear Ryann, for being yourself and bringing your gift into this world." ~ Mareike

"I stumbled across your song, 'I Choose You' and fell in love with it...We absolutely love the lyrics and how it not only expresses the love we have for each other, but also that our love and lives are for God, and it is through Him that we came together in life." ~ Megan 

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                                                      "Don't use social media to impress people; use it to impact people."  ~ Dave Willis


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